New Preston Hill is a micropublisher. You could liken it to a microbrewery or an artisanal choclatier, but the end product, in our case, is the printed word. Well, printed sounds a little old-school, let's say the readable word; as we will be releasing print and ebook versions for all our books. Those who prefer a physical book will have the sensory pleasure of turning crisp, creamy pages; those who like to get straight to the story, and carry a book-bag full in a single tablet, will be able to download on demand.


Our fifth release is Shutting Out the Sun by Stiles Hillier.

This is the fourth Chris Johnson novel. 


Further releases will be coming later in the year. Should you wish to be informed of the release date, feel free to sign up to our mailing list at this link.


For now though, enjoy reading!   NPH