Stiles Hillier has been living off the grid for an unknown number of years, and is in no hurry to reveal himself to the world.

The manuscripts he submits are mailed to us in plain manilla envelopes, each from a different zip code in the contiguous states.

His stories are often about truth; beginning simply enough, but twisting and turning as that truth becomes wrapped in lies. Can the truth ever be told, or is the truth simply the most plausible lie?

Stiles Hillier writes about the politics of hidden power, and how it impacts everyman, in one way or another. He writes adventures of the deep state war against the individual.

He is subversive. He also likes to write about car chases and things blowing up.

LIGHTNING TO THE CHILDREN – The First Chris Johnson Thriller

What does an unassuming guy do when his home is attacked, destroyed in a massive fireball, and his wife kidnapped? 

What does that guy do when the FBI shows up and hauls him off to a secret briefing that changes his entire life and sends him half way around the world to a war zone? 

What does that same guy do when he’s tied up, beaten, shot at and chased all over New York by people he doesn’t even know, for reasons he can’t even understand? 

If he’s Chris Johnson, he fights back – any way he can, with any help he can get. 

This is the story of one man and his painful fight to find the elusive truth, and find his elusive wife, without getting killed in the process. 

And, if necessary, kill anyone who gets in his way. 

But the truth is a harsh mistress.

MOTHER OF HATRED – The Second Chris Johnson Thriller

Two years have passed since the adventures of Lightning to the Children.

Chris Johnson is living small in the backwoods of Florida, trying to keep his head down and his spirits up – off the grid and off the beaten track.

Then, one day, all hell breaks loose – again – and his quiet life erupts into deadly action.

Home in flames – again – and coerced into another dangerous adventure by an unexpected visitor from his past, Johnson is back on his search for the truth.

But the truth has never been good to Chris Johnson – never simple and never clear. Every answer just leads to another question.

From Mexico to China to Washington DC, chased, shot at, beaten and blown up, Johnson finds that every truth is just part of a bigger lie.

RARELY PURE AND NEVER SIMPLE – The Third Chris Johnson Thriller

Who the hell is Jesus (pronounced hey-zoos)? And, more importantly, why is a gringo like him a hit man for an Acuña drug lord? These questions and more have attracted the attention of the local CIA operative, who is determined to find out the truth behind the man. But the truth can bring a lot of trouble along with it. 

Our story begins a couple of years after the events of Mother of Hatred, but to find out how the troubles plaguing Jesus are involved with our old friend Chris Johnson… well, to avoid any spoilers, you’ll have to read the book. 

What is guaranteed, though, is the usual non-stop action-packed story – this time via Paris, Yemen, and Hondo, Texas – leading to the inevitable fiery showdown.

SHUTTING OUT THE SUN – The Fourth Chris Johnson Thriller

Chris Johnson is an unwilling badass. He’s had to fight himself into and out of hundreds of dangerous situations. He’s been a hitman and chased by hitmen. He’s worked for the CIA and been hunted by the CIA. He’s been tortured, beaten and shot – multiple times. And returned the favor. 

Currently he’s feeling a little old for all this. Let’s face it, badassery is a young guy’s game. So he’s gone to ground in Nebraska, off the grid and living on a stipend from a satisfied client. But things never quite go right for long for Johnson, and wouldn’t you know it, things go badly wrong. 

Forced to make an unscheduled withdrawal from the bank, under fire, he discovers that his satisfied client has been kidnapped, and he has no more money. Penniless, and convinced to track down and save this client by an old friend, he is off and running. Shooting his way from Bangkok to Paris and Istanbul, with a short layover in the Syrian desert, he slowly discovers the truth. 

The truth has never been good to Johnson, but when he finally works out what’s going on, you know he’ll make somebody pay the ultimate price for their deception.